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About Us (old)


Shayna Cureton

 Founder, Executive Director

Shayna Cureton is the founder and director of Abundant Beginnings and co-founder of Abundant Summers. With over 15 years experience working with children, Shayna is dedicated to improving how we educate our children and build communities. She studied theater and child psychology at USC and is an avid urban farmer.

Deseree Fontenot

Executive director of Land Projects

Deseree Fontenot is a student and staff member at Pacific School of Religion (PSR). She is currently a part of the Changemaker Fellowship Program,  a year-long certificate program focused on spirituality and social transformation that includes cohort-centered leadership and spiritual formation retreats, lectures, and immersive studies. She serves as the Programs Manager at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry at PSR. Deseree recently completed a two-year Integral Health Fellowship with Niroga Institute in Oakland, offering affordable and accessible yoga classes and programs to primarily queer and trans* people of color.  Deseree’s interests include radical approaches to queer, ecological, racial and economic justice issues that center the experiences of communities of color, issues of access and accountability in engaging spiritual practices and healing modalities, and the role of urban land projects and intentional communities in creating models of resilient, sustainable, and life-affirming economies. Deseree earned her BA in Literature from USC. During her time there she worked to create diverse and thoughtful programming as the director of the Queer Student Assembly, and has since been working at nonprofits focused on LGBTQ movement building. She is excited to continue to form meaningful alliances across movements for liberation and justice.

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Dylan Cureton 

Executive Director of abundant activism

Dylan is passionate about education and has over five years' experience working with children. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Feminist Studies: Law, Politics, and Social Change and is a co-founder of Abundant Summers and Abundant Activism. Dylan is passionate about social justice and enjoys hanging out with her Russian Tortoise, Albert.


Red Karpman, MA

Founding Board Member  

Red has worked with young children for over fifteen years and is dedicated to helping them grow up safe, loved, and free in a world with racial and gender justice. She specializes in working with kids ages 0-5 and has background in family therapy, psychological development, and trauma-informed care. She holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and is working toward her Marriage and Family Therapist license; she's an avid bicyclist and a lover of facepaint!




Andre LeBlanc

Board Member 

Andre works for Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Department and was recently accepted to UC Berkeley, School of Social Welfare. He is dedicated to improving health outcomes in communities of color through education and the arts. Learn more about Andre here



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Crystal DEnise Knight



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