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Bay Laurel Learning Community


Daily Rhythm

Skills Workshop

Snack & Play


Lunch & Play

Child-Chosen Class Offerings

(music, art, activism, gardening… )


About the program

By taking learning directly out into our community and wild-spaces, children experience education as immediately and intimately tied to the lived realities in their world. Each trimester the learning community will tackle a new inquiry topic that can be explored in depth through multiple, diverse angles both within the social and natural systems of our community.

Nuts and Bolts

Ages 6-11

Calendar: September through May

Drop-Off and Pick-up Location: Sacred Roots

Skills Workshop: 8:30-10am (Monday-Thursday)

Core Program 10am-3pm (Tuesday-Thursday)

Arts and Culture 10am-3pm (Monday)

Community Day in Joaquin Miller (Friday)


Curricular Structure

Technical Skills Workshop is the time of day in which our students work independently on developing specific skills in areas such as reading, writing, math, STEM, drawing, and other skills necessary for becoming a freedom fighters and agents of change. During Technical Skills Workshop students exercise their freedom to decide which skills they want to dedicate themselves to within the structure of the workshop that expects students to make a clear plan and to progress in their skill development. Teachers support students with their independent work and offer one-on-one instruction as needed. Students are also encouraged to sign-up for small-group skills-instruction classes that are offered at this time in the areas of reading, writing, math, science, art and music.

During Inquiry students work together as an elementary community to dig deeply into multi-disciplinary topics that connect to the essence of Forest Freedom School’s values. During Inquiry students follow their innate sense of curiosity and develop the ability to conceptualize, plan and implement their own projects. The beginning of each Inquiry Arc starts with a broad exploration of the theme. Teachers plan experiences that allow our students to interact firsthand with the theme and invite experts to come share their perspectives and knowledge. Towards the end of the 5-6 week exploration phase, students start to focus their interests on a specific topic or question that can fuel a long-term project. During the creation phase students collaborate in teams to work on their inquiry projects. The teachers’ role during this phase is to provide the tools – physical, mental and academic– that the students need to be able to accomplish their projects