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Abundant Land Project

shayna cureton

Hello Abundant Beginnings Community,

Happy October! I hope that all is well as our young people are settling into a new and exciting school year! At Abundant Beginnings, we’ve been reflecting on our summer camp experiences and diving into planning Abundant Activism community programs. Additionally, we are pouring lots of energy into Abundant Community, our land-based education project.

In collaboration with the Hummingbird Urban Garden Collective, we are building a land project in the Oakland hills that will serve as a community space centering children, caregivers, and educators. The Hummingbird Children's Farm is an aspiring Black-led land-based liberation space for healing, growing, and learning. We envision transforming this 2-acre plot of land into a freedom school, medicinal garden, micro-farm, sacred space for spiritual practice, art space and more! We are currently hosting a series of community work days that will be opportunities for our network of friends, families and supporters to contribute some sweat-equity to the project, connect with one another, and share/build visions for future programs and events in the space. If you’d like to bust out your gardening shears and floppy hats, check out our online community calendar for upcoming work days!

Much love,