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Importance of Direct Action

shayna cureton

Hello Abundant Beginnings Community,

You may have noticed some Abundant Beginnings community members in the news! Dylan, Nanci, several of our camp families, and I participated in the Bay Bridge Shutdown on January 18th, one element of the 96 Hours of Direct Action during Martin Luther King Weekend. Abundant Beginnings believes that it is not enough to sit and wait for change. We must actively create the change that we wish to see using the time, skills, and resources available to us. Learn more about the Bay Bridge Shutdown here:

As parents, guardians, and family members, it is important to engage our youth in critical conversations around current events, what direct action means and why it’s important. It can be difficult to engage in conversation with youth about direct action without concrete examples. Feel free to use the Bay Bridge Shutdown as a way to begin dialogue with your children. Additionally, here is a great resource to utilize when exploring the vocabulary involved in social justice movements:



Much love,

Shayna Cureton