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Allied Media Conference

shayna cureton

Great news! In March, Abundant Beginnings submitted session proposals to the Allied Media Conference (AMC), a national conference that brings together social justice organizers, artists, educators and technologists to share skills and develop creative strategies that address the roots of problems and advance holistic solutions towards a more just and creative world. Check out our two accepted conference session proposals that will be facilitated in Detroit, Michigan at the end of June 2016:

  • Abundant Activism: Practical Tools for Empowering Youth

Children are often not invited to participate in activism and social justice dialogue, but are facing the realities of oppression. Encouraging children to learn about and challenge inequities is more empowering than trying to shelter them. We will explore how to create developmentally appropriate spaces for young activists while empowering families and educators to navigate social justice issues with youth (age 2-10). Participants will leave with an Abundant Activism Teach-In Toolkit and ideas for engaging young activists in their communities.

  • When We Rule the World: Kids in Direct Action

The year is 0005 PC, robot puppies are finally a reality, capitalism has fallen, and kids have taken over the world. Within the context of this futuristic narrative, children will learn the skills involved in safe non-violent direct action. In this fun and interactive session, children will create action materials, protest signs, and chants, and learn about actively using their bodies during marches and blockades for social justice activism. Are they up for the challenge?

The Abundant Beginnings Team is currently not being funded by professional grants or receiving compensation for facilitating workshops. Please consider donating to our transportation fund, which will help us share our work at a national conference!