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School Break Camps

Camp runs from 9:00 am-3:30 pm, with before and after care available with prior arrangement. With the exception of especially bad weather, we spend the day outside at a fabulous local park.  Our School break camps are primarily a break! A time or children to play, destress and be the creators of their world. We continue with the values and flow of our summer programs.  Longer break camps, giving-thinks, winter and spring break have themes and more focused investigation.


September 28th: Dimond Park

October 8th: Dimond Park

October 19th: Dimond Park

November 12th: Dimond Park

Fall Break Camp

November 19th, 20th, 21st : Westlake Middle School

Winter Break Camp

December 31st - January 4th : Sequoia Elementary

January 21st: MLK TEACH IN!!

January 28th: Dimond Park

February 15th: Dimond Park

February 18th: Dimond Park

Spring Break Camp

March 25th - March 29th (Week 1): Lake Temescal

April 1st - April 5th (Week 2) : Lake Temescal

*Abundant Summer begins June 17, 2019

What if my school has a break and there is no camp scheduled?

Great question! Abundant Beginnings offers Pop-Up Camps for times when you need care but camp isn't scheduled!