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School Break Camps

Camp runs from 9:00 am-3:30 pm, with before and after care available with prior arrangement. With the exception of especially bad weather, we spend the day outside at a fabulous local park.  Our School break camps are primarily a break! A time or children to play, destress and be the creators of their world. We continue with the values and flow of our summer programs.  Longer break camps, giving-thinks, winter and spring break have themes and more focused investigation.


October 10: Strawberry Creek Park

October 14:  Strawberry Creek Park

October 28th:  Strawberry Creek Park

November 7: Strawberry Creek Park

November 11: Roberts Park

Giving-Thanks Camp

November 21 - 23: Strawberry Creek Park

Winter Camp Session I

December 19 - 23: PLACE for Sustainable Living

Winter Camp Session II

December 26- 29: PLACE for Sustainable Living

January 2 & 3: Roberts Park

January 16:  Special MLK "camp disrupted"

February 17: Strawberry Creek Park

February 20: Strawberry Creek Park

March 31: Lake Temescal

Spring Camp

April 3 - April 7:  Lake Temescal

May 15: Lake Temescal

** Summer 2017 starts June 12th** 


Giving-Thanks Camp: Water Warriors

November 21-23th

Register now for our Giving Thanks Camp, taking place November 21st-23rd at Strawberry Creek Park. We’ll be investigating why access to clean water is important and who the Water Protectors are. We’ll learn how to be water warriors in our everyday lives and allies to indigenous folks. We will also reconnect with the earth through farming and fun water projects.






December 19 - 23

We will be exploring how to use art as a tool for activism! Through theater, song, and dance we will join our voices together to demand an end to the war on black lives.

WINTER CAMP II: ARTIVISM, Take it to the Street

DECEMBER 26 - 30

We will continue our exploration of art as a tool for activism through chalking, wheatpasting, painting, and crafting! We will create visual representations of our demands to bring the community into the conversation.



Spring Break Camp: Freedom Fighters

April 3 - April 7

In this action packed week, we will discuss some of the awesome freedom fighters who have brought justice to our communities! We will be swimming/fishing, making comic books, writing and performing plays, and figuring out who are the good guys and the bad guys anyway?  

What if my school has a break and there is no camp scheduled?

Great question! Abundant Beginnings offers Pop-Up Camps for times when you need care but camp isn't scheduled!