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Community Events

Teach In: Reconstructing History Deconstructing Power

  • Lincoln Square Park 261 East 11th Street Oakland, CA, 94607 United States


Black Families and Black Kids (ages 4-10) and those who raise them are invited to a teach-in and conversation about #blacklivesmatter, #reclaimingkingslegacy, and other current relevant issues for our community.

Allies are also invited to the teach-in to have conversations about how to be an ally and #blacklivesmatter #solidarity.


These teach-ins will help families talk to our children about the historical and continuing injustices facing the black community and also discuss how to move forward.



  • Please bring snacks and water bottles. Also sunscreen for those who use it.

  • Bring blankets, chairs or pillows to sit on. Seating will NOT be provided.

  • If you have food, stories, or wisdom to share, please feel free to bring it along to add to the mix!