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At Abundant Beginnings we create a camp experience that gives children a chance to explore their own worthwhile investigations and just be kids. We want families to be able to play together, so while we are geared toward kids ages 4-10, we invite siblings as young as 2 and as old as 14 to be Junior Campers or Future Facilitators.

 Abundant Beginnings camps are:

  • Flexible: Sign up only for the days you want. Flexible pick-up times and free before- and after-care options are available. Camp days usually run from 9:00am - 3:30pm. Our camps are always affordable and we offer a sliding scale to whomever needs it. 
  • Nature-basedWe aim to create an environment where kids can 'unplug' and reconnect with nature and their community. Unless it is pouring rain our camp days are held outdoors.

  • Fun: We set up appropriately-scaled environments where kids can find opportunities to create theater productions, build a fort, read a story to a younger child, build fairy houses out of sticks, create artistic masterpieces, hammer, saw, or just swing all day. All at their own pace.
  • InclusiveWe focus on diversity and fostering a sense of mindfulness and responsibility in each child. We don't separate kids by age or ability level, rather we support kids in supporting each other. We are focused on the practice of social justice.

  • Professional: Our staff have decades of experience including formal study in child and family therapy, and regularly engage in continuing education about pedagogy and parenting techniques. 

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