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Future Facilitators

Part of the mission of Abundant Beginnings is helping to prepare future leaders. The Future Facilitator program is for kids of color, ages 10 to 15, who are ready to step out of the role of camper and into leadership. The duties of the Future Facilitators are similar to those of a Liberation Leader (counselor in training): they help the campers with activities and help other Facilitators in gathering all the children together. Most importantly, their role  is to be a model of how a good community member manages themselves, treats others and contributes to the world around them. Youth will have positive examples of adulthood and be able to continue to play, learn, and enjoy their late childhood. We are excited to help our Future Facilitators in taking on leadership roles, to guide them as they take on responsibility for a project they are interested in, teach the campers how to play a game they love, and further their knowledge on how to peacefully help in a time of conflict.

Abundant Beginnings is excited to launch trainings for our Future Facilitators throughout the year. Starting summer 2018, in order for youth to become a Future Facilitator they must attend a designated training before they begin their mentorship. Once a youth is certified as a Future Facilitator, they may attend any of our camps, at any time, free of charge - we will provide free continued hands-on training. 

So how do I become a Future Facilitator?

  • Fill out the application on this page so we can get to know a little bit about you. If there's more you want to share, you can contact us by email (
  • Once accepted into the program, we'll send you a link to register for the program. Registration includes a $300 fee. (Please email us if money is a problem!)
  • Come to a required training to learn about non-violent communication, play team-building games, and plan for individual projects over the summer. 
  • Come to camp anytime, and put your new skills into practice!

We believe that all youth, regardless of background, should be able to participate in our trainings and be part of the Abundant Beginnings community. Please be in touch if finances are a barrier. 

Future Facilitator Application

We ask that the Future Facilitator fills out this application themselves (we are not concerned with spelling or grammar).

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Youth Name
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