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The Inquiry Arc


The Inquiry Arc is the fundamental rhythm of learning in the Abundant Beginnings homeschool program. With three major arcs each year, students will move through a diverse course of study in a series of intensive immersions, emphasizing depth over breadth, integrating and contextualizing the development of skills and domain knowledge.

The beginning of each Inquiry Arc will start with a broad exploration of the theme. Teacher may invite experts to share their perspectives or plan experiences that allow our students to interact firsthand with the theme. Towards the end of the 6-8 week exploration phase, students will start to focus their interests on a specific topic, perspective, or question that can fuel a long-term project.

During the creation phase students will collaborate in teams to work on their inquiry projects. The teachers’ role during this phase is to provide the tools – physical, mental and academic– that the students need to be able to accomplish their projects. The end of each inquiry cycle will conclude with individual and group reflection. Students (and teachers) extensively document their work from inspiration to completion and work together to synthesize what they have learned into a public exposition.

Students will lead rich literacy lives throughout the entire Inquiry Arc, Morning workshop and Technical skills with reading and writing instruction focused on facilitating the children’s abilities to pursue their own learning goals. Math explorations will be included when the inquiry arc lends itself to mathematical thinking.