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Junior Campers

We accept children as young as two to join our camp. Our junior campers participate in all the activities that our campers do. We believe that very young children learn best by doing things for themselves in a warm loving environment with many other children around to show them the way. Because our camps are rooted in choice, our youngest campers are not pushed to do activities or to sit for longer than is developmentally appropriate. During times when we do gather as a whole camp, our Junior Campers are expected to sit close to us but only participate when they are comfortable. We have found that most 2-4 year olds are ready to participate and are often most enthusiastic for each new activity.


Most of our Junior Campers need a midday nap - who doesn't, really? - and so we have cozy, quiet sleeping tents set up in shady spots. After all that playing, most of our Junior Campers are happy to sleep in the tent, but  we are also happy to have you pick up your young camper at our 12:00 early pickup time for a nap at home. 


We prefer for all our campers to be potty trained; however, we understand that every child has a different development timeline, and we do accept young ones still in diapers. If you can, please pack your little camper a few more diapers than you think they may need - backup is always helpful!

Is your child ready for camp?

Not all young children will thrive in a group environment. We find that most younger siblings who come to camp with an older sibling do very well. We support attachment-based caregiving practices, and are happy to snuggle and soothe any child who needs it, and if they are not settling well in camp we will talk with you about a best plan of action. If you would like to sign up a Junior Camper, in particular without an older sibling along, we recommend you join them for a day or two of camp to help them feel ready and get to know their facilitators.