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Abundant Life


Lets Reclaim land!

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Abundant Life is about co-creating a space to practice the world we would like to bring into being. Abundant Life is a forming land project that hopes to cultivate a co-housing community, freedom school, retreat center & community educational farm. 

Abundant Life sites will become the central grounds for growing and evolving our Forest Freedom School, Abundant Activism and Camp programs. 

Ecologically-rooted collective land stewardship is one of the primary interventions to systemic oppression that Abundant Beginnings practices as a way to draw connections between land access and community self-determination. Through the work we have done in our programs and the work we bear witness to in movements across the country, it is clear that practicing land-based learning, food cultivation and sustainable farming has transformative effects on our communities who have been historically denied access to such resources.

We believe that cultivating and proliferating community-controlled land-based projects like this can support and expand the impact of food, land, and housing justice movements.

We believe that shifting our relationships to home, land and place is critical to the work of growing children rooted in trust, love and justice.  

If you have any leads or accsess to land that may be a good fit for a project such as our please reach out!