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Morning Workshop


During Story Workshop, our younger students develop their social skills as they work together to “find” their own stories and then work on documenting their stories in drawings and words. This is also a time when students are encouraged to integrate what they are learning about what it means to be a freedom fighter into their stories.

During Freedom Fighter Workshop, our older students will be delving deeper into understanding the social systems present in our society and their historical roots with the lens of “story” as a developmentally appropriate way to enter into these meaty, complex subjects. Madrone students read, act, draw, write and learn to work together as they take-on challenging and engaging projects.

At Forest Freedom School we claim a broad understanding of what it means to be literate in the 21st century. During Literacy Studio students work together to build knowledge about the communities they live in and competency in how to engage with their communities as freedom fighters. Through the lens of story students develop their social skills, deconstruct, analyze and consider the roots of the social systems present in our society, and use their creativity to imagine new possibilities. During Literacy Studio students act, read, draw, write and learn to work together as they take-on engaging, collaborative projects.

Nature Connection

This is a time in which we tune into our natural classroom.