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Abundant Beginnings  is a community education project focused on growing children rooted in trust, love and justice - blossoming in independence. We work to build respect, facilitate learning, and cultivate integrity on multiple levels: the individual level, the community level, and the environmental level. We educate our children through a queer ecofeminist* lens. Our central commitments are to provide education and programming  that centers social and environmental justice, creates constructive engagements across difference, and cultivates connections to the earth and our ancestral ecological practices.

We believe it is a child's right to explore their interests and create lasting relationships within an atmosphere of support and freedom. We currently offer a community summer camp (Abundant Summers), winter and spring camps, school break camps and pop-up camps. We also help facilitate community conversations, workshops, and teach-ins with parents and children about the important social justice issues we are working to transform.

Our long-term goal is to develop curricula, open unique Children's Houses using a  residential nonprofit/cohousing model for -prenatal-kindergarten children and families- and develop Learning Communities (first - ninth grade) that will be hubs of education for our youth and all of the adults connected to them. The residential space will be a part of a network of urban and rural land projects that are led by and center the knowledge and experiences of people of color. Our community schools will grow young people who think critically, live responsibly, and create change.

*Queer Ecofeminism: A queer ecofeminist perspective seeks to highlight the intersectional relationships between the historic devaluation of nature and the devaluation  of women, lgbtq people, and people of color. In the words of Greta Gaard, this lens requires embracing diversity and “building coalitions for creating a democratic, ecological culture based on our shared liberation.”