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The Facilitators


Shayna Cureton

Shayna Cureton is the founder and director of Abundant Beginnings and co-founder of Abundant Summers. With over 15 years experience working with children, Shayna is dedicated to improving how we educate our children and build communities. She studied theater and child psychology at USC and is an avid urban farmer.

Dylan Cureton

Dylan is passionate about education and has over seven years' experience working with children. She is currently in the Urban Education and Social Justice MA program at University of San Francisco. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Feminist Studies: Law, Politics, and Social Change and is a co-founder of Abundant Summers and Abundant Activism. Dylan is passionate about social justice and enjoys hanging out with her Russian Tortoise, Albert.


Maddy Taylor

Maddy is committed to supporting and building healthy communities that center people and kids who have been marginalized by white supremacy, capitalism, heteropatriarchy, and ablism. They studied Horticulture and Women & Gender Studies at UC Davis. Maddy's favorite thing is using maps to find their way to new places.

Sima Savdharia

Sima is an elementary school educator and nonviolence trainer in the tradition of Dr. King. She is a recent graduate of the Urban Education and Social Justice MA program at University of San Francisco. She is passionate about transformative justice and youth development with seven years of experience working with young people inside and outside of the classroom. Her hobbies include obsessing over dogs and elephants, roller-blading, leading mindful meditation, and getting into nature.

Ariel Appel

Ariel Appel

Ariel is a queer jew from New York and has been working with youth inside and outside the classroom for the past five years. She is committed to building educational spaces rooted in anti-oppression and liberatory politics, weaving her passions for social justice organizing and storytelling through film into her work with youth. She also enjoys karaoke and soft serve ice cream and earned her BA in medical anthropology at McGill University in 2012. 

Devin Lee

Devin Anuenueaka Lee

Devin is swimming around on this planet to create, participate in, and engage spaces that work at the intersections of freedom, healing, education, and art. They received their BAs in Anthropology and Women & Gender Studies at San Francisco State University.

Martha Clarin

Martha Clarìn

Martha is a Latinx educator in the Bay Area. She holds a BA in Chican@ Studies and Sociology with a minor in Education from UCLA. She is currently in the Urban Ed and Social Justice MA program at USF. She is passionate about creating spaces where young activists are able to build community and develop consciousness/resistance against the oppressive systems in our society.


Jimmy Edward Hill III

Jimmy received his BA in Sociology with a concentration in Ethnic Studies: Race and Resistance Studies from San Francisco State University. His education has given him considerable expertise in the cultural, interpersonal, and contextual components that create social issues within communities. He has worked with numerous organizations within the Bay Area as a consultant to build capacity for increased community engagement through the uses of creative arts, performance, and project management as modalities of healing.


Hannah Bundegaard

Hannah is a graduate student in the University of San Francisco Urban Education and Social Justice Program. She has been working with children for the past 5 years and will begin her first year teaching third grade in Oakland next year. She wants to help make schools into places where children learn deeply about themselves, their communities, and their world. When she's not working or studying, you'll probably find Hannah cooking, eating, or hiking around the Oakland hills.