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Pop-Up Camp

Does your school have minimum days or staff development days? Kids out of school but you still need to work?

You can get a group of school friends together to have your very own camp day. We will come to a location you prefer, or we can suggest a museum or one of the wonderful parks your kids love on our regular camp days. All you need is a minimum of 6 campers. We can even pick up from school! We can also help with homework if needed.

How It Works

A parent gets in touch through the contact form below. This person will be the lead parent. The lead parent will be the main point of contact between camp and parents. The lead family must have a membership, however pop-up camp participants are not required to. We will send the lead family an email to forward to all the other interested families, with a link to register and sign-up. All campers must fill out a registration form unless they are already camp members.

Cost: $40 per camper on minimum days, $65/day for full days. Sibling discounts are available.

Pop-up camp requires 6 confirmed campers two weeks in advance.

After you have your 6 campers we welcome you to invite other families in your community to join. All campers must signed up at least one week in advance.

Pop-up camp request form

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