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Camp Pricing

We know you're busy and there is a lot to do around the Bay Area during the summer and school year. We offer an affordable and flexible solution for families who work and need full-time summer camp as well as for those who just want to stop by a few days a week or just on a school holiday. We offer sliding scale pricing for all camps.

School Year Camps

School Break Camp: $65/Day*

Winter and Spring Camps: $75/Day* or $325/Week*

*Junior Campers (ages 2-4) pay and additional $10 a day

[Unused days are non-refundable but can be rolled over within one calendar year]

Abundant Summers

$85/Day* ($75/day before March 1st)

$340/Week* ($300/week before March 1st)

$3150 Unlimited Summer Access Pass ($2500 before March 1st)

*Junior Campers (ages 2-3) pay and additional $10 a day


[Payment Plans are available at checkout]

[Unused days are non-refundable but can be rolled over within one calendar year]


Discounts and Specials

TSIR (the struggle is real) discount 30% off everything

20% Sibling Discount, when you sign up two or more kids for the same session

Early Bird Discount: Sign-up for Summer by March 1st 2018

Email for sliding scale pricing 

Our camp day runs from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Free Before and After Care are available at sign-up (8:30 am - 5:30 pm) 

[You may choose  to send your child for a half day (pick-up around  12:30 pm), however we do not offer a discount for that. This option excludes field trip days - on these days we offer only 3:30 pm pickup]