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Q & A


What is the Facilitator to Camper Ratio?


On average our Facilitator to Camper ratio is 1:6, and we will have no more than 1:12 at any given time. Also, on swimming days we will have extra help!

Are your Facilitators CPR certified? 

Yes, most of our Facilitators are First Aid & CPR certified, there will always be at least one certified adult with the children. We will also have a comprehensive first aid kit available.

For our swimming days there will be certified lifeguards on duty as well. 

Is this an "inclusive" program?

Yes, we want all of our programming to be available to as many children as possible. All of our locations are wheelchair accessible. Most of our Camp Facilitators have experience working with children with special needs, in particular ADHD, developmental delays, SPD, and kids on the Autism spectrum.  If your child has an IEP or just needs a little extra, please contact us to set up a meeting with Shayna Cureton (Director).  

What is the Family Portal?

This a place for parents of current Campers to log in and see what we worked on that day! Think of it as a digital camp newsletter. 

Are there scholarships or other payment assistance available?

We believe that no family should have to miss out due to economic factors. All of our Camps are offered on a sliding scale. If you have any questions or would like use our sliding scale payments, please contact us and put "Sliding Scale" in the subject line. 

What ages do you accept?

We are geared toward kids ages 4-10, However we want families to be able to play together, so w we invite siblings as young as two to participate as Junior Campers. Older children 10-15  are welcome to participate in our Future Facilitator program. Youth  15 and older can apply to be paid Youth Facilitators.

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