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Please feel free to use and share these resources we have gathered to serve our community of folks working with children. Please be sure to cite the work of the groups, individuals or  schools where this work originated


Movement words 

Every movement has its own words to describe what's going on and how we make change. The following list includes words and the kid-friendly definition we use at Abundant Activism that helps our youth understand movement language. Please note that language is always evolving and this document will always be in-process.



Chant sheets 

Chants have been an avenue for communication and to get our voices heard during organized actions. The following chants have been used by generations of freedom fighters and are not the original creations of Abundant Beginnings. We thank all of the activists, poets, and freedom fighters who have created these chants that amplify our people power.  


Teach-In Toolkit 

A teach-in is a form of nonviolent protest where people come together to focus on a single topic and build a common understanding about an issue. Teach-ins are meant to be practical, participatory and oriented towards action. Their main goal is to educate people and work towards change. We have developed a toolkit so communities can bring this form of action to the young folks near them.

Coming Soon...

Movement 4 Black Lives Platform for kids