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Forest Freedom School


Growing children rooted in trust, love and justice - blossoming in independence



Forest Freedom School

In 2018-2019, our school will run from Monday  to Friday -

8:30am to 3:00pm.

 After-Care  will be available through a parent-led cooperative & BoomShake


Pick-up and drop-off are always at the Lake Merritt Botanical Garden. Some days we stay at the Gardens, or visit nearby community spaces, and others we adventure to Joaquin Miller Park. In our 2018-2019 school year, our classes will have the following schedule:


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Joaquin Miller Park

Tuesday and Thursday: The Gardens at Lake Merritt

Birch and Juniper

Monday and Wednesday: The Gardens at Lake Merritt

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: Joaquin Miller Park



 Class & Enrollment

In 2018 -2019, we will have three cohorts at the Forest Freedom School.

Juniper | ages 2-3         Birch | ages 2-5         Sequoia | ages 5+

We will continue to add a cohort level each year. Our vision is to grow into a school community with children 2-10 years old.

Please note that students do not need to be toilet trained to join the program! As an inclusive program, we know that each child develops on their own timeline and will support them in their path to toileting independence!



Sequoia Class

Full-Time:  $13,500


Birch Class

Full-Time:  $13,500

3-Days a week:  $8,600

2-Days a week:  $5,800


Juniper Class

Full-Time: $15,000

3-Days a week: $10,500

2-Days a week: $7,500

Tuition may be split into 10 equal payments,  paid on the fifteenth 0f each month from September through June. 
Our program cost includes student attendance at all Abundant Summers Camps, with prior registration, creating a year-round care schedule.

It is vital that our program is accessible to families. Please let us know if your family needs financial support, as sliding scale is available. We also provide a “Struggle is Real” Discount, which offers 30% off on all programs to families of color.