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Summer 2019


Abundant Summers 2019

We invite campers ages 3-7 to join us at Lake Temescal in Oakland. This year we will be exploring Our Powerful Voices, we will be learning about freedom fighters who have spoken up in the face of injustice, people who have let their opinons be known and changed the way we think about something and the way we can use our vocies to be a friend, ally and freedom fighter!

Camp Freedom 2019

Camp for BIPoc kids ages 7-11 . So you have been coming to Abundant beginnings for a whil- you are beginning to understand what via-white-hetero patriarchy is about now its time for you to practice. Practice the afrofuturist dream of true self determination, being carefree black kids. This means you also know with great freedom comes great responsibility. As the designers of your destiny you must create the community you want to be in. Where will we go? What will we do? How will we make decisions?

We will equip you and 12 other campers with a budget, a bus and a few adult allies to drive and make sure no one get hurt.

The rules - I’m not willing to get arrested & no screens. I respect and protect my community

So... you in?


Liberation leaders 9-12 years

Are you ready to be a model for our abundant summers community? Liberation leaders  get to flex there freedom fighter skills and support our younger campers, they will get to lead Games , help facilitators plan art projects    And of course play! They will also have liberation leader meetups, training and extra special opportunities during the camp week

Cost - 250$ week (no single day options)

Future facilitators 11-15

Part of the mission of Abundant Beginnings is helping to prepare future leaders. The Future Facilitator program is for kids of color, ages 11 to 15, who are ready to step out of the role of camper and into leadership. This opportunity  comes with a stipend and can go on future resumes & college applications. The duties of the Future Facilitators are similar to those of a Liberation Leader (counselor in training): they help the campers with activities and help other Facilitators in gathering all the children together. Most importantly, their role  is to be a model of how a good community member manages themselves, treats others and contributes to the world around them. Youth will have positive examples of adulthood and be able to continue to play, learn, and enjoy their late childhood. We are excited to help our Future Facilitators in taking on leadership roles, to guide them as they take on responsibility for a project they are interested in, teach the campers how to play a game they love, and further their knowledge on how to peacefully help in a time of conflict.