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Our Team


Shayna Cureton

Shayna Cureton is the founder and director of Abundant Beginnings and co-founder of Abundant Summers. With over 15 years experience working with children, Shayna is dedicated to improving how we educate our children and build communities. She studied theater and child psychology at USC and is an avid urban farmer.


Crystal Denise Knight

Crystal is a Student Affairs professional, activist, researcher,and bookworm. She has a B.A. in Psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz and earned her Master's Degree in Higher Education Leadership at the University of San Diego. Her professional background is in youth advocacy, sexual health education, social justice programming and leadership development. She is passionate about providing inclusive spaces for community dialogue and avenues for activism about racial justice, gender justice and LGBT visibility.

Dylan Cureton

Dylan is passionate about education and has over seven years' experience working with children. She is currently in the Urban Education and Social Justice MA program at University of San Francisco. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Feminist Studies: Law, Politics, and Social Change and is a co-founder of Abundant Summers and Abundant Activism. Dylan is passionate about social justice and enjoys hanging out with her Russian Tortoise, Albert.


Alicia Bell

Alicia  is a Southern-Born, Black, Queer, Femme. In the South, Femme folks often know how to repair homes, cultivate gardens, work on cars, host parties, and throw shade in order to best survive the world. This grounding in a multiplicity of tactics for self-determination is something Alicia takes into her work for freedom and liberation, which is why you may see her organizing in the streets, educating young folks with Abundant Beginnings, facilitating workshops through Critical Resistance’s Oakland Power Projects, or pursuing various creative and healing endeavors.