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Workshop Request

Abundant Activism provides workshops and trainings for parents, educators, and community members seeking to build awareness, educate, and engage their communities in anti-oppression work, identity exploration, and youth focused social justice education.

*Please note that, due to one of our directors being on maternity leave, we will NOT be accepting workshop requests from February - October 2018. However, we are happy to begin planning a workshop with you for anytime after October.*


Workshop options:

Social Justice 001

A guide to talking about social justice with young children (aimed at ages 2-10) in various contexts. This workshop can be customized to best fit the audience- teachers, parents, children (1-5 grade), young children (Age 2-6), etc.  

Teaching with an inclusion and equity framework

A deconstruction of the strict boxes we try to fit children into and a guide to shifting our paradigms to embrace children’s fluid and intersecting identities

Power and Privilege

A critical look at power dynamics in our communities (among children as well as between a teacher/parent/adult and child) and how we can engage with privilege and oppression constructively. 

Pre-School to Prison Pipeline

An investigation of how institutional oppression affects youth of color and a discussion of practical solutions for interrupting this cycle and creating alternative educational experiences within and outside of this system


To facilitate the planning process, the requester will be asked to provide the specific date, time, length, location, contact person, and expected attendance at the workshop, along with specific issues to be addressed. The requester can choose from our provided options or choose to build their own.

NOTE: We strive to make all of our events accessible to all of our community members. We  If you have a specific concern or any feedback please let us know and we will be happy to work with you!

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