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Abundant Summers

Simple. Unplugged. Fun.

At Abundant Summers we create a camp experience that gives children a chance to explore their own worthwhile investigations and just be kids. With a curriculum that is grounded in ecofeminist pedagogy*, we are focused on the practice of social justice and  diversity. We are committed to fostering a sense of mindfulness and responsibility in each child. We don't separate kids by age or ability level, rather we support kids in supporting each other.

Camp Days

Each camp day runs from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm. Before and after care (8:30 am - 5:30 pm) options are available at sign-up. Our campers shape their camp day. Shared snack and mealtimes shape the outline of the day, and between gathering times, children choose whether to participate in a structured activity like kickball, fishing, or mask-making, or choose to use the unstructured time to build, climb, read, or make art.

The Camp Experience

Camp is its own tiny world; a community that we create together every day. We all know about the toxicity that permeates daily life--the police brutality, the (pre)school-to-prison pipeline, the glass ceilings, the pay gaps, the intimate and the structural violence. When we bring our snacks and sit in a circle each morning, we have an opportunity to create a space fueled by different values.

We practice respect by allowing children the opportunities to choose their activities and by using non-violent communication. We encourage awareness by bringing in a social justice topic to discuss each week. We build compassion by bringing emotional literacy into our problem-solving conversations. We normalize diversity among both campers and counselors across race, age, abilities, and gender. We learn to play inclusively, even when it's unusual or awkward.  Fundamentally, we believe that when the adults at Abundant Beginnings are guided by principles of justice and respect, then justice and respect become the guiding principles of our community. `Our staff have decades of experience including formal study in child and family therapy, and regularly engage in continuing education about pedagogy and parenting techniques.



We will spend Summer 2018, and many of our School Break Camps, enjoying Lake Temescal

We love for swimming, hiking, fishing and enjoying the view. We meet at the South Entrance off of Broadway Terrace, at the Streamside Picnic Area.

Many Oakland School Break camp days happen at Dimond Park

We love that we can expreance 3 playgrounds, large trees and explore Sausal Creek.

Many of our School Break Camps take place at Strawberry Creek Park.

We love the open green space, the playground equipment, creek for wading and investigating--and of course all of the trees to climb. We meet at the end of allston way near the play structure.